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Case Theming

Our Case Theming Consultants provide valuable insight into how to theme your Case in the most favorable light for your client. Our Consultants will sit down with you and your team to develop your theme, refine your composition and help you to stay on the theme during the Trial. Our goal of Case theming is to have the Jury look at the evidence to support your viewpoint of the Case. Our Consultants assist in creating taglines or catch-phrases that will reinforce the theme of the Case to the Jury and used repetitively during the Trial.

Witness Preparation

Our Witness Preparation Consultants work with your witnesses to prepare them for the challenges they will face in testifying in the Case, whether in a Deposition or at Trial. Our Consultant's goal is to educate and work with your witnesses to make them feel comfortable while truthfully testifying in a hostile environment. Our Consultants also work with your witnesses to refine their verbal responses to questions in a way that creates clear and accurate testimony for the Case while building credibility for your witness. Our Consultants will work with your witness on non-verbal communications and its effect on the credibility of the testimony provided.

Case Review

Our Case Review Consultants provide you with an independent view of your Case's facts and the likely outcomes based on years of experience doing trials throughout the nation. Our Consultants will identify weaknesses and strengths in your Case, paying particular attention to presenting those weaknesses or strengths in a manner most favorable to your client.

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