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Our Graphic Designers combine Text, Illustrations, and Color to create Graphics that visually communicate to their intended audiences. Our Graphic Designers make a deliberate selection, creation, and arrangement of typography to effectively share the facts in our graphics for litigation purposes. Our Graphics become an integral part of your storytelling approach to your litigation.


Our Graphic Designers use Timelines to visualize events in a chronological order of time to aid the Jury in understanding how particular sequences of events created a desired or undesired outcome. Our Graphic Designers use elements like layout, graphics, and color to create a story for the Jury to follow in understanding the Timeline.


Our Graphic Designers use Charts/Diagrams as visual representations of concepts, relations, Ideas, and Statistical Data to clarify information for Juries. Our Graphic Designs use Graphs to present tabular or numeric data that will aid the Jury in understanding the relationship between different parts of the data.


Our Animators are experts in creating Litigation Animations that accurately and effectively communicate evidence, facts, and theories to Juries. Our Animators create evidence-based animations that are admissible in most courts with your expert's testimony.

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