New Year - Better World

New Year’s is a time to better ourselves for a better world. As we leave 2017 behind let us focusing on making 2018 not only better for ourselves but better for the world we live in.

Let us be a better human being by being nicer to those around us, by reaching out and helping others, by being grateful for what we have, by worrying less , by living in the moment, by sharing love, by being the example, by spending more time listening and by remembering to forgive others while forgiving ourselves.

Let us be a better person by complimenting ourselves, by not making excuses, by letting go of the anger, by being honest/direct, by being polite, by being respectful and by educating ourselves towards others point of view.

Let us be a better citizen by following the law, by being trustworthy, by respecting the rights of others, by being informed about the world around us, by being compassionate, by taking care of our environment and by being good neighbors.

By becoming a better you in 2018, we become better in 2018. Have a grand New Year!

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