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The Team at The Legal Wizards are experts in providing Litigation Support Services to Trial Lawyers Nationwide. Our Logo describes our desire to help each of our clients "Put the Magic in Your Case" through technology and over 21 years of experience litigating cases nationwide.

Our products bring added value to your case through the use of visual technology. We bring the "Story" of your case to life through the use of color, design, text, and illustrations which we use in multiple formats like Trial Boards, PowerPoint, TrialDirector, and Video.

Team Members have significant litigation experience in winning cases. By working closely with our clients in developing, refining, and presenting a powerful "story," our clients can submit a visually superior "story" to the Jury.

Each client and each case we work on are unique, so all of our products and services are customized to each specific client's presentation skills and the particular facts of each case. We do genuinely aim to help you "Put the Magic in Your Case".

Corporate Headquarters

5680 Highway 6, Ste. 393  Missouri City, TX 77459

Office: 713-484-5944     Fax: 713-850-7388

Email Contact:

TTLA Sustaining Business Partner Badge
TTLA Sustainging Business Partner Badge
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