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Stenographic Depositions

Our Stenographic Court Reporters are Licensed Experts who specialize in preserving the spoken word for Litigation. They capture the spoken word and convert it into text that can be read, searched, and studied. Our Stenographic Court Reporters use the most current technology, including Computerized Stenographer Machines, Digital Recording Devices, and Cloud Storage of Files.

NonStenographic Video


When a Court Reporter is not available, we can do a NonStenographic Video Deposition. Our Videographers capture depositions in an HD video format that is archivable and readily usable for Litigation. Our Videographers are State Notaries, can swear in the Deponent and provide Counsel with a Deposition Officers Certification for filing with the court. We can provide a certified transcript for trial or a non-certified transcript used for written motions before trial by Rule 11 agreement.

Real-Time Stenographic Depositions

Our Real-time Court Reporters use computer-aided transcription (CAT) software to provide real-time transcripts to local Counsel and remote Counsel via the Internet. Our Real-time Court Reporters accurately transcribe the spoken word at greater than 235 words per minute, giving Counsel an almost instantaneous transcript of the Deposition.



Our Legal Videographers capture the Deposition in HD video that is archivable and readily usable for Litigation. Our Legal Videographers are certified to be leaders in the field of legal video technology. We can also provide a synched version of the video in DepoView at an additional charge.

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