Day in the Life Video’s

Our Day in the Life Video’s effectively communicate to third parties the challenges and struggles faced by Plaintiffs completing the daily tasks after suffering from permanent injuries sustained as the result of negligence by others. A Day in the Life Video can be used for settlement purposes at Mediation or as a tool to aid the Jury in understanding at the time of trial.


Site/Scene Filming

Our Site/Scene Video’s communicate to third parties the actual condition of a Site/Scene at the time of filming. Our Site Videos are commonly used to demonstrate the condition of a site at or near the time of an event subject to litigation. Our Scene Videos provide a means to video record a scene giving an overall view and preserving evidence that exist at the Scene for future use at mediation or trial.


Video Editing

Our Legal Videographers specialize in providing Litigation specific video editing that aids in settlement or trial of your case. Our Legal Videographers provide Closed Caption Text to Depositions as well as insert exhibits used during the Deposition in a picture in picture format. Our Legal Videographers can incorporate Site/Scene and Day in the Life Video cuts into Video Testimony for Mediation and Trial.


Legal Photographers

Our Legal Photographers are Trained and Certified as Legal Photographers specializing in the capture, edit and archiving of photos used in the litigation of cases. Our Legal Photographers focus on preservation of Photo evidence while complying with admissibility issues of the Photos.