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Library Medical Illustration

Our Illustrations Library contains more than 20 years of creating Legal Medical Illustrations. Our Library Medical Illustrations are a cost-effective way to communicate medically based information in pictures to the layperson that is not case-specific. Our Library Medical Illustrations are best used to communicate injuries that occur repeatedly.

Diagnostic Film Colorization

Our Medical Illustrators apply color over the top of your Client’s actual films in 2D or 3D to differentiate the anatomy and to aid in the understanding of the injuries sustained by Plaintiffs in Litigation. Our Medical Illustrators can Colorize X-rays, MRIs, CTs, Doppler Scans, and other forms of Diagnostic Films used by Medical Professionals to diagnose and treat injuries.

Custom Medical Illustration

Our Degreed Medical Illustrators create our Custom Medical Illustrations that are case-specific and admissible at trial with your expert's testimony. Our Medical Illustrators have more than 50 years of combined experience creating Medical Illustrations for use in Litigation. Our Custom Medical Illustration is most commonly used to show and educate Juries visually.

Medical Animation

Our Medical Animators are experts in creating Litigation Animations that accurately and effectively communicate evidence, facts, and theories to Juries about Medical Issues. Our Medical Animators create evidence-based animations that are admissible in most courts with your expert's testimony.

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