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Our PowerPoint Presentations are graphically based presentations that communicate to their audience through pictures and videos. You do the talking, and we create the visual representation of the subject matter you are talking about, whether it is evidence, a theory, or just an alternative fact. Our PowerPoints are used in Mediation and Trial Presentations for Opening, Closing, and with Witnesses.


We use TrialDirector as our Trial Presentation Technology software which allows us to Organize, Customize and Annotate your exhibits for use in Trial. We incorporate all of your documents and digital media into one piece of software, streamlining your trial presentation process. Our Trial Technicians provide the knowledge and expertise to bring your case to life to the Jury.

Video Presentations

Video Presentations communicate with third parties when you cannot personally present your case to Individuals like the Insurance Adjuster, Opposing Counsel, or the Defendants. We incorporate video, graphics, audio, photos, animations, GIF’s and many others to create a compelling storytelling presentation that aids in settling your litigation case.


Our Animators are experts in creating Litigation Animations that accurately and effectively communicate evidence, facts, and theories to Juries. Our Animators create evidence-based animations that are admissible in most courts with your expert's testimony.

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